30 day weight loss

A 30 day test of my weight loss theory

So just in case there is any confusion about what kind of people we here at 555 Fitness are, let me clear it up.  We are not professional athletes, well, Ewa is pretty damn close but we aren't gonna talk about her.  Myself and Pip are pretty ordinary firefighters.  We happen to share a few passions.  We love firefighting and we love fitness.  Now Pip is smaller in stature, standing around 5'4" and weighing in at around 135#.  He does crossfit pretty much exclusively and is a beast at it.  He won't be making the Crossfit Games, but at 35 years old, he can do anything that the fireground asks of him, without fail.  Then there is me.  I stand a shade under 6'0" and as of this morning weigh in at a robust 250#.  I too love to workout.  I love to pick up heavy things and put them down.  But I also love to do crossfit style workouts.  At 42 years old I am coming up on my 20th year with my department.  I have no issues with doing anything on the fireground, but, with the extra weight I carry around, it is certainly more taxing than it use to be.  I am shaped like a cross between a power lifter and a middle linebacker.  But at 42 years old, that is not ideal.  I would be much more effective by losing anywhere from 25-40 pounds.  I have a terrible family history of heart disease.  Both grandfathers and my father died from heart attacks or heart failure.  My mother has even had a small heart attack.  Couple that with my love of food and that is a recipe to become the very thing I am trying to prevent, a line of duty death from a cardiac event.


I have always thought that weight loss was a very simple thing in theory.  I still believe it is.  It is the application of said theory that I find most difficult.  But it is time to test my theory out.  So for the next 30 days I will be making anywhere from one to three blog entries a day describing what I am eating, when I'm eating, how much I'm eating and what my workouts are.  So you may be wondering what my theory on weight loss is.  These are some rather basic concepts, combine them and APPLY them consistently and I believe weight loss will be a certainty without loss of muscle mass.  Eat meals between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.  Eat predominately high protein and vegetables.  No breads, no sugars.  Get an evening session of light to moderate cardio, in some form, at least five out of seven days.  I like to workout in the morning, so I will be hitting a workout that elevates my heart rate.  The intensity will determine the duration.  I will hit some strength work three to four times a week, usually midday, because I am fortunate that my schedule will allow that.  


So there it is.  Eat between 9-6.  Eat only good food, mainly protein and veggies.  Hit an evening cardio session.  Easy stuff, in theory.  Here goes my best effort at consistently applying those theories.

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