3 Years Strong

3 Years Strong Today 

   Today marks the official 555 Social Media Anniversary, the Facebook page was created exactly 3 years ago today. In that time we have grown to be on 7 different online platforms, have started an apparel brand , been featured in multiple media publications,  created countless amounts of free programing, traveled the country, and donated over 20k in functional fitness equipment to fire departments who want to help created change.  Not bad for a few hose draggers , right?

   Here's some full disclosure you guys may or may not know. I didn't start 555, nor was it my idea. I started as a fan of the Facebook page and started up what one might call an online  bromance with the Captain who created it. After a few months he asked if I would help him take this thing to a whole new level. That's why  it's all so surreal to me, I was brought on board to do exactly what it is I am doing everyday. No one ever would have thought we would be here in 3 years. I believe its because of all of you , our fans that  we are changing people's lives each and everyday. 

   I can distinctly remember the conversation with Mrs. Pip, the night we decided I should join the 555 Fitness Team (by team I mean,  Larry). We spoke about this new opportunity in depth, and how maybe this was a chance to really affect a positive change on the world. What we didn’t know that night, was where this road would lead us. However, I would not be here, we would not be here, if I didn’t have her unconditional love, her support and her ability to keep me in check. For that I am eternally grateful. Tracey , Finn and Dex are my why, they are my reason for existing and my reason for pushing so hard to make all our lives better.

   As much as we are a fitness page, and fitness is a very important part of our lives, I have realized, we are a more of a motivational page. All of our messages, all of our posts, all that we do, we do to motivate people to start moving. To start making fitness a priority in their lives. We constantly meet people who thank us for what we do, they attest their change to us. In reality, its all the hard work they have put in, we just give them the push to change, the community to change with and the support from firefighters worldwide. 

      We are no where near the end. But one year the cardiac related LODD number is going to change. It will first be below 50%, then 45%, then 40% and we will never have proof that we had any part of its reduction. However, there will be a very distinguished list of people taking the credit and what will we do, just keep on keeping on. Motivating our brothers and sisters to be better than yesterday. Because fitness is a lifestyle, one that you need to live each and everyday. Thank you all for the last 3 years of support, love and friendship. I cannot wait to see what this year and the future holds.