The Firefighter Throwdown is Changing the Tide

   Two weeks ago I was given a great honor. John Carpenter, the founder of the Firefighter Throwdown not only handed me a microphone, on the field , at Lucus Oil Stadium to address the athletes about to throwdown on day 2. He also told me that I would be introducing our National Anthem. Now to some, whatever, you get to say , please rise and remove your hats as we honor our country, but to me, getting to say those words, in that venue, before my peers was a bucket list item I didn’t know existed and for that, I am eternally grateful. 


   This was the third Firefighter Throwdown 555 Fitness had the pleasure of being a part of. It’s great to watch my own organization pick up speed and grow, but its even better to being doing it on the exact same pace as our friends at the Throwdown are. Each Firefighter Throwdown just keeps growing and growing and growing. Which says a lot about the current movement that is gaining ground in the fire service. 


  Watching so many friends compete in an amazing team competition , which took place over 2 days and had both men and women doing the exact same work was just awesome. I’m so proud to call each and every competitor a brother or sister, its unreal. I wish I could have ran our and high five all of them after each event. I think I got to meet and greet all 75 of them, please know that if I didn’t, I’m really sorry that I missed you and thats clearly a no rep on my part , please don’t tell the head judge. 


  Getting to see all of the photos posted online, really drove home the fact that we are changing people lives with this event and 555 Fitness. See, I’m all about cheering on the athletes accomplishment and totally grooving on the pain faces I see. But, 555 is all about the greater good, so I’m looking at the faces in the crowd behind you. Each event has grown in popularity at each show we have attended. 


   If you look at the pictures of the athletes lifting, look at the folks in the background, cheering them on, mostly complete strangers. Speaking of strangers, countless athletes created their teams through social media, most never met in person until 15 minutes before the comp started. But that didn’t matter, because they all shared a common goal, a common bond and knew the true meaning of the world “brother”. Thats whats so great about an event like the throwdown. Even though everyone is competing to win, against each other, they are also cheering each other on. At times, after winning a heat, the team that won doesn’t even take a break, they just start cheering the rest of the teams on. 


   So somehow, this  functional fitness world  parallels the fire service. As firefighters we constantly say, we are always there for each other. We always have each others back, no matter what happens in the firehouse, when you are on a job, its all business. So why do we allow so many of our brothers and sisters to lie to themselves. Why do we accept that it’s ok to be unfit for duty. After a few days with so many great athletes, supporting each other and getting supported by the FDIC crowd, the tide is changing.