Tuesday, February 18, 2014 WOD: (16 of 17 week strength cycle)

Warm-up: 2rds, 10-jumping jacks, 20-pass throughs, 10-push-ups, 5-air squats, 5-sit-ups, 200m jog or 250m row

Renegade Rowing WOD: 10 x :30 on/:30 off, max effort

Strength: Max out, Press

Metcon: 3rds, 25-wall ball, 20-sit-ups, 15-1.5 pood KBS

Honor WOD: "Angel Juarbe Jr." EMOM10, 3-deadlifts @ 65%, remainder of minute is max burpees. Score is total number of burpees through all 10 rounds.