How the programming for the Strength Cycle works

Wanted to put this out there as a guideline for the workouts. We are in the middle of a strength cycle. So on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays it is important to do the warm-up and strength component. The warm-up is geared towards the strength workout. All of the rest is optional on those days. I personally need more than just a strength workout. I like to start the day with some morning cardio so I do either the rowing or running WOD. 

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you are provided a running or rowing WOD and either a metcon or chipper. If you are wanting to put on size, you should rest on these days. If you just gotta workout (like me), then you can pick and choose what you feel like doing on these days. 

As far as the honor WOD's, I put these out as a way to honor the members of the 343. If you see a name or workout that just speaks to your heart, have at it. They are completely optional. 

Our goal is to give you more rather than less. We want to do this in an organized manner. Let your body and motivation be your guide. In the two cycles that are to come (lean fit and crossfit), there will be four levels of workouts. You can then pick a level that you want to tackle each day and get after it. Hope this clears up how our programming works.