Greatness is Built

Greatness is Built was printed on a recently released Flag Nor Fail hoodie. I'm a big fan of what Rob and Dana Bailey are doing over there with their line of apparel. However, this week, they have earned all kinds of respect from me. We have been working hard over the past few months, making sure everything was just right for this launch, or at least we thought we were. 

"Greatness is Built" is more then just a quote to me now. Since Monday I feel like Larry and I have been going non stop. Answering questions, making connections, meeting our fans, getting excited everytime we see another sale and putting in the work you all deserve. That's what we do though, it's what we all do in the emergency services field. We put in the work, for the people we are tasked with protecting. You guys have all been so amazing, please know that each and every like, every new follower, every comment, every message and every purchase means so much to us. It means we aren't just two guys with an idea we think is good. 

"Greatness is Built" doesn't end today, it doesn't end tomorrow, it will never end for us. We both cannot wait to hand out our first grant. And to see the equipment in the hands of firefighters getting fit. So keep showing us your love by sharing our pics, our site and our message. Stay safe 

Train Hard Do Work