Everything is Awesome.

I took my boys to see the Lego movie the other day, and we have been jamming to Everything is Awesome ever since. It's sort of a fitting song for the way this week has gone though. 

Now, of course everything isn't always Awesome, however for us here at 555 Fitness, it's pretty close. And thats all thanks to you guys, our fans, our followers, the 555 loyal, actually we haven't figured out what to call you folks yet. The suggestion box is always open though. We are serious as a heart attack about that. Please let us know how we are doing and what we could be doing to make our site better for you. 

Ok back to thanking you for making this week awesome. Our first t shirt is selling. It's not flying off the shelf like the "pet rock" did, but it's moving. And we can't thank those of you who have already purchased or are planning to purchase one enough. Each day that we get closer to being financially stable enough to open up the grant application period is just awesome. 

A few other things happened this week as well. We were contacted by some different, people, organizations, groups ,and companies about some partnerships and future endeavors. So there's much more in the works, some things we would have never even though about. I would also like to thank all of the companies that shared our page this week, that was really awesome. 

Lastly, if I didn't say it enough already, you guys are all AWESOME. The comments, the likes , the messages, everything you do each day makes Larry and I push harder to keep this ball rolling. Week 2 of sales starts tomorrow and the presale shirts will be shipping out soon. Then we want to see you guys and girls "doing work" in our T's. 

Train Hard 

      Do Work

          Stay Safe