In the beginning

I always wanted to title something with "In the Beginning" and this was my chance. We get a ton of messages from firefighters worldwide telling us how much they love our programming and how they have been following it. One statement that seems to stay constant though, is that they are on shift, working out, ALONE.  Yes alone, while one guy chats on his cell phone, someone is flipping thru a magazine and my personal favorite, the guy who  is awaiting the next big fire  in the day room. You know kid, you have to be ready to fight a fire at anytime, so be well rested.

I feel your pain, because I've been that guy. But only for a short while. I started doing functional fitness WODS on duty and before you know it, some of the guys on my shift asked if they could join me. Not everyone does the same exact WOD, that's almost impossible, every exercise we do is scaleable. Always remember that. Should you ever have a question about scaling feel free to drop us a line and we can help you figure it out.

The cultural change we are attempting to make within our service will not change overnight, it won't change within a year, hell it may not change before I retire. However, someone has to start it, and why not let that someone be you. Set up your workout time , stick to it, and push through your WOD. Before you know it, someone will be joining you, someone will be asking you the how's and the why's of what you are doing.

Stay Safe