Saturday, July 19, 2014 Level IV WOD: (3 of 18 week Multi-functional training cycle)

Level IV

#Warmup: 2rds, 20-jumping jacks, 15-air squats, 10-sit-ups, 5-push-ups, 200m jog or 250m row

Renegade #Rowing WOD: 2RFT, 1k row, 20-slam balls, 30-air squats


#Running WOD: 2 mile jog, easy pace

#Strength: 4 x 8 @ 60% of squat cleans

July #Challenge: 65-burpees

#Metcon: 3rds, 15-plank up/downs, 10-squat jumps, 15-plyo-push-ups

#Chipper: "Angie", 100-pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, air squats

#Honor WOD: "Kevin Donnelly", Engine 1, 20-squat cleans (135/95), row 2k, 20-clean and jerks (135/95)