Time to Fire up the Blog Again

When we launched the site, I promised myself I would blog and blog often. In the beginning I did, but that didn't last long. I had planned on using the blog as a way for you guys to learn more about us, the crew behind 555 Fitness. Well,that's going to change again.

It's been just under a year since I "officially" "cofounded" 555 Fitness and a lot has changed. We recently attended Andy Fredericks Training Days in Alexandria VA. I was beyond shocked at home many people knew who we were. However, there were just as many who didn't know we were all firefighters. Some people thought fitness was our full time gig. So yes, we are all firefighters, who happen to be just as passionate about fitness as we are firefighting. Everyone we met there was great, knowing how many of you feel that fitness needs to be just as important in the fire service as we do just fuels our fire more. 

We plan on taking 555 Fitness to a whole new level in 2015. This weekend was the National Fallen Fire Fighters memorial. Too many of those names were caused by cardiac related events, as was the same story the year before, and the year before that and the year before that. Our overall goal is to change that. No, it's not possible to prevent every cardiac related death in the fire service. However, through fitness, through proper nutrition and through leading healthier lifestyles we can definitely lower the number. 

Lastly, if you haven't yet, check out our Pride and Purpose Facebook challenge. We partnered with Station Pride on this one. I've done a fair amount of the 3rd alarm days and they are tough. But that's what's it's all about, that's the purpose end. The pride end, that should be the easy part, but it seems as though enough people are blogging about a lack of it in the fire service. This weekend my department celebrated our 250th anniversary. Several different members worked for over a year to make this event a success. I can attest to the fact that pride does still exist. However, without people willing to work hard, the pride cannot exist. Just like this challenge, hard work, pays off. 

 Train Hard Do Work Stay Safe