Saturday, January 24, 2015 WOD: (13 of 17 week Strength cycle)

Warm-up: 2rds, 10-jumping jacks, 10-air squats, 10-push-ups, 10-sit-ups, 200m jog or 250m row

Strength: Off day (Been a heavy week, take a few days to rest and/or do some good mobility work. Be ready to hammer down come Monday.

Honor WOD: "Robert Lane", Engine 55, 50-double unders, 5-power cleans (135/95), 40-double unders, 5-G2O (155/105), 30-double unders, 5-squat cleans (185/135), 20-double unders, 5-clean and jerks (225/155), 10-double unders