The power of the Team, 15.5 vs 555 Fitness

While in Chicago, our host, Chicago FD Squad 1 firefighter Chris Grande took @moreweightseatmorecake  and myself to his box, Crossfit Beverly for their daily wod, which happened to be the open 15.5 workout. For those of you who don’t do CrossFit (which by the way, is totally fine with us) the workout consisted of Rowing for calories and thrusters at 95/65#, with a rep scheme of 27/27, 21/21, 15/15, 9/9. 


This year I didn’t take the open as seriously as I had in the past 2, not that I’m any where close to being a regionals athlete, but I still like to see where I stack up. With our recent success, work, family commitments and you know, life. I just couldn’t go as hard as I did in year past. But I still did it. I was in debate about Rxing this one. First off, rowing is loads of fun, and I love being on the rower, except when I am on the rower, rowing for calories.  Then there’s everyones friend, the THRUSTER. I do love them, combining the front squat and overhead press into one movement, its just a blast to the body everyone should experience. 


By now most of you may have noticed that I am kind of short, and sorta a light weight, so I knew that 95# thruster at 72 reps was going to catch up fast, if you watch the video, it did. Anyhow, I figured, I’m in Chicago, with some awesome peeps, why not give it a go. Was it hard, hell yeah. Did I struggle, of course. Would I have loved a faster time, no doubt. Could I have done it better, probably. But one thing stay constant through this workout, the support around me. 


The energy at this Box for the workout was unreal. We want in the 2nd heat, so we got to cheer on the members we just met about 30 minutes prior while they went, then it was our turn. My judge, the owner of Crossfit Beverly was right there with me along the way. I was actually attempting to remember the Coaching que’s and support words he was using to motivate me, so  I could use them when I Coach. You can see it in the video, I finished dead last out of everyone doing it. But it didn’t matter, that “Circle of Friends” you see appear in the video towards the end, got me through. 


Of course there are times when I wanna workout alone. Blast some really loud Five Finger Death Punch, Wu Tang Clan, or Katy Perry and just throw around the weights. Who doesn’t. But that support a community like CrossFit Beverly creates is just unreal. It parallels our life in the fire service. Think about it, no one does this job alone ( yes some of us do run single man companies) but we can’t get the job done without the team. 


Working out, in the station, with my crew is just as important to me as sharing our dinner. The things you learn about the job around the kitchen table are just as important as what you learning sweating it out on the bay floor together.  The power of having someone push you in a work out is unparalleled by anything, having that person be a brother or sister firefighter just furthers my affirmation in their support for me and mine for theirs. It furthers my knowledge That if something happens, they will be there for me, and they will have the strength and stamina to get the job done.

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