Full Gear Workouts

Today, on our IG page I got asked an interesting question. What workouts do you do in full gear? My answer probably surprised a few people out there. I rarely , if ever do any. Actually most of us on the 555 Fitness team workout in  full turnout gear. 

Now I'm sure loads of people out there are saying, what, you guys always post pictures of people working out in their full turnout gear, and you don't. Well one thing is for sure, working out in your turnout gear and posting the picture online will get you loads of likes, loads of shares, loads of repost's and who knows, maybe a feature on a big name Facebook page. 

Before you start screaming and calling me names, I'm not completely against this. I have been known to done my gear and workout or maybe even run a 5k or two in it. However, working out in your gear is not for everyone. It's actually an extreme form of working out. Oh boy, I went and said it, yes working out in gear is an extreme form of working out.

But Pip, when we fight fires, we wear full gear, so why not exercise in it? Well, lets look at the current state of affairs in fire service fitness. Cardiac related deaths are still number 1 on the list. We are in the crawl before we run stage. Just like scaling a workout, if you feel you have the ability to do a hardcore workout in gear, then by all means do it. But remember, there are way more of your brothers and sisters out there who need to just start working out, so the thought of being forced to exercise in full gear is not exactly comforting. 

I would recommend 1-2 workouts a month with your gear on. I would also recommend these being done while off duty. Please always keep in mind when working out on duty, that you are still responsible to the citizens we serve. Doing an extreme workout, under extreme conditions while on duty could fatigue you to a point that you will not be as effective on the fire ground. Lastly, no matter what a manufacturer says, your gear limits your mobility, and its in no way meant for you to do complex barbell movements in. So again please use extreme caution if you choose to go this route and by all means, keep the pictures and videos coming. 

 Train Hard  Do Work Stay Safe