A Lot Can Happen in a Year

A year ago the 555 Fitness Crew was in Stephenson Michigan. Presenting the first "Strength is Our Foundation" equipment grant. Nerves were high leading up to the event, but once we had boots on the ground and started meeting the firefighters and teaching them how to use their new equipment, everything became almost natural. 

Fast forward one year, we have given out 2 additional grants with a FOURTH grant being presented one week from today. We have had the pleasure of meeting you at Firehouse in San Diego, FDIC in Indianapolis, Andy Fredericks Training Days in Virginia, New York State Chief's Convention and soon at FRI in Atlanta.  We continue to meet and be inspired by our true followers, fans and believers in our mission.  With that said, we have also heard your comments and feedback: both positive and negative. 

This past week, we had someone comment that our page is going to "Sh*t" because we aren't posting loads of "fire porn" anymore. This commenter is half right: we have indeed modified the content and the way we post to social media. We are making this changes because of your requests and with you in mind.  

In NO WAY has our page or more importantly, our mission, changed. Our mission is to reduce the number of firefighter line of duty deaths caused by cardiac related events. We feel that by spending more time posting quality workouts, quality health and wellness information, and the occasional firefighting funny picture or video, that mission will be accomplished. We encourage you to continue to tag us in these kind of posts, and keep sending us photos of you Training Hard and Doing Work. 

Additionally, you will soon be able to download the 3 previous training cycles on our website as downloaded PDFs so you can get the entire training program (all 12-17 weeks) in one click. Each day you will continue to see the Instagram Workouts (all minimal equipment/body weight) and the Honor Workouts for the 343 Firefighters LODD of 9/11 . Within a month, new additional training plans will start to roll out and plenty of more 555 Fitness Apparel and Goods!