But, What if the Tones Drop

This weekend we reposted a video from Elk Creek Fire C-Shift. There were 8 firefighters in the video, all working out, in full gear, on 8 different cardio machines. I'll go on later talking about their strong work. But as with anything posted on social media, the opinionated crowd jumped in a bit, with the , but what if the tones drop line. So lets address the ELEPHANT ( did I just type in all caps) in the workout room first. 

But what if the tones drop is a classic firehouse line for everything we do, that doesn't involve stamping on the federal Q code 3 to a call. Extrication training, but what if the tones drop. Building tours, but what if the tones drop. Community service, but what if the tones drop. All day classes, but what if the tones drop. Putting the ladder up and flowing water, but what if the tones drop. I think you see where I'm going here.

Sure, working out while on shift is going to deplete you. And yes, I have written in the past about my feelings on full gear workouts, and how they aren't for everyone. However, answer me this, who would you rather have on your with you when it counts.  The "well rested crew" who has spent there 24 hours on the sofa, waiting for "the big one". Or guys who say, I'll do the work, I'll take some time to make my body as sharp as my mind. And if the tones drop, I'll dig deep, find that 2nd gear, and do my job. 

See, thats just another thing the anti workout crowd doesn't want to address. Everyone can dig deep, everyone can find that second or third gear ( in their mind). Those guys working out in the video, they are training their minds, training their bodies, and training their hearts for when the time counts. Why are all these guys hearts stopping after jobs, or while they are being put to the test. Because we don't train them for the times that it matters.  Adrenaline gets us through, but the comedown is what kills us. Our hearts haven't been tested, and its next to impossible to compare anything to a working fire. However, a good sweat like the C-shift was getting in, sure can help train it for when that time comes.

And who knows, maybe those 8 members were taken out of service during their workout time. Yes, you heard it, fire departments nationwide are moving companies around so another can have a dedicated workout time. That proactive fire departments trying to do something about their members fitness. Or, they could be volunteers, who never have any time off. So a volunteer should never workout right, because the tone may drop, and they have to respond. See the statement just doesn't hold water. We work in the world of the unknown. We never know what will happen on any given day, on any given call at any given time. 

So what if the tones drop. Just like Elk Creek fire does, continue to Train Hard Do Work. So when the tone does drop, your ready to save yourself, make the grab or save one of your brothers or sisters.