Advice from the Experts

In the fire service, everyone is an expert on everything. Everyone has the next game changing idea, product or ACRONYM thats going to change the world. All of these "experts" and "knowledge droppers" are very passionate about their agenda, which I think is amazing, but are they so passionate about it, that in the process, they stomp on everyone else around them, just so they can have it their way?

The picture in this blog post was sent to me by a 555 Fitness follower. He found this on the "whiteboard" at his firehouse. It's what we do in the fire service, take jabs here and there at each other on the "whiteboard" or on the kitchen "announcements" board. Trust me, I have my fair share about me up there, all the time.  This one stands out to me though, because these "experts" are actually claiming that fitness is just one part of the job. Right there, I feel like, we win. 

I understand the backlash against it. I understand where it comes from, because fitness isn't easy and there certainly isn't a "canned" program you can put out there to make you a "FIRE ATHLETE". It's just not going to work that way. We are all human beings, made up differently and to become "FIRE FIT", we all need to find what works for us. Whether it be running, rowing, swimming, biking, power lifting or crossfit. But all of those physical activities I  just listed, are better than the current "status quo" of "recliner cowboys" running the show. You know the ones I'm talking about, the ones who tell you "you can't put a fire out with a book" or how strong they are now because in high school they were "all state" and "going pro" but coach took me out. 

This change isn't going to come from a study, no matter who you pay to back it. This change isn't going to come from a book, no matter who publishes it. This change isn't going to come from a trade magazine, no matter who pays to have their add's on the page. And its definitely not going to come from a 90 minute break out group.

This change can only happen from within. I'm proud to say, we are a part of that. We started out as a social media page, providing free workouts each day to firefighters. Now there are about 8 other pages doing the exact same thing. No one is saying our way is the only way. Or this is what you have to do. What we are doing, is providing a community of like minded people. One that will support each other and grow together. 

We always thought the grant program would be the home run. However, the real home run here, is the 555 Fitness community. The friends we have made and things we have all learned together speak volumes for the future of fire service fitness.