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FDIC 2016 Reflections

FDIC 2016 Reflections

How many of you left FDIC 2016 Humbled, like I did? I know its weird right, FDIC is the largest gathering of firefighter in the country. People go there for thousands of reasons, wanna buy a new ladder, go to FDIC, wanna be trained by the top instructors in the game, go to FDIC, wanna see hundreds of bag Pipers get down, go to FDIC. And all of those reasons are great, but me, I was there to try and meet and greet as many of you as I physically could. I feel like I succeeded in that mission, because all I can think about is how humbled I feel. 


Hearing your fitness journey stories really drives me to continue the awesome work we are doing with 555 Fitness. Hearing how many firefighters are getting together in groups and working out together before, during or after their shift is unreal. Meeting husbands and wives who tell me because their firefighter is getting fit, they are as well.  Hearing from so many people that what we are doing is changing the fire service for the GOOD is resounding in my head. It leaves me humbled. 


I would really be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to thank my team. Those men and women are my family, their belief in our mission parallels mine. Seeing my team’s passion in person only makes me want to put in more work then I do.  Their service makes me feel humbled. 


John Carpenter and the Firefighter Throwdown see the future of the fire service. In just a few short years, the event went from a side room at a conference to the field at Lucus Oil Stadium. pretty much speaks for itself.  The athletes who competed are amongst the best in the world, not because they are are the strongest or the fastest or the healthiest , its because they believe in leaving it all out there. Putting out 110%. They don’t know how many people they inspire being out there. Watching them cheer each other on and work together left me humbled. 


Then I have this long and growing list of our supporters , partners and sponsors. The people from the fire industry and fitness industry who believe in our mission. These are people who aren’t just cutting checks , they are showing up , they want to be a part of this change because they want to take that LODD number and lower it. They want fit firefighters coming to their aid. Their support and generosity leaves me humbled.


So who cares about me, right. Why do you care that I’m rolling back from FDIC feeling humbled. Because maybe thats what the fire service needs when it comes to health and wellness. A good dose of humble pie (in our case humble donut). Topics like fitness, cancer and suicide are not easy to speak about. I’m actually embarrassed when I say that the leading killer of firefighters is cardiac related disease. It’s really easy to strap on some gear and say I’m the best firefighter around , but it’s really hard to look in the mirror and say, am I in the best physical and mental shape I can be in, to do this job. BTW, that answer is always going to be NO. Because we can always be better then yesterday. But if you’re not doing a dam thing about it, each and everyday , for you, for your family, for your brother and sister firefighters, well….. 

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Time to Fire up the Blog Again

When we launched the site, I promised myself I would blog and blog often. In the beginning I did, but that didn't last long. I had planned on using the blog as a way for you guys to learn more about us, the crew behind 555 Fitness. Well,that's going to change again.

It's been just under a year since I "officially" "cofounded" 555 Fitness and a lot has changed. We recently attended Andy Fredericks Training Days in Alexandria VA. I was beyond shocked at home many people knew who we were. However, there were just as many who didn't know we were all firefighters. Some people thought fitness was our full time gig. So yes, we are all firefighters, who happen to be just as passionate about fitness as we are firefighting. Everyone we met there was great, knowing how many of you feel that fitness needs to be just as important in the fire service as we do just fuels our fire more. 

We plan on taking 555 Fitness to a whole new level in 2015. This weekend was the National Fallen Fire Fighters memorial. Too many of those names were caused by cardiac related events, as was the same story the year before, and the year before that and the year before that. Our overall goal is to change that. No, it's not possible to prevent every cardiac related death in the fire service. However, through fitness, through proper nutrition and through leading healthier lifestyles we can definitely lower the number. 

Lastly, if you haven't yet, check out our Pride and Purpose Facebook challenge. We partnered with Station Pride on this one. I've done a fair amount of the 3rd alarm days and they are tough. But that's what's it's all about, that's the purpose end. The pride end, that should be the easy part, but it seems as though enough people are blogging about a lack of it in the fire service. This weekend my department celebrated our 250th anniversary. Several different members worked for over a year to make this event a success. I can attest to the fact that pride does still exist. However, without people willing to work hard, the pride cannot exist. Just like this challenge, hard work, pays off. 

 Train Hard Do Work Stay Safe 



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In the beginning

I always wanted to title something with "In the Beginning" and this was my chance. We get a ton of messages from firefighters worldwide telling us how much they love our programming and how they have been following it. One statement that seems to stay constant though, is that they are on shift, working out, ALONE.  Yes alone, while one guy chats on his cell phone, someone is flipping thru a magazine and my personal favorite, the guy who  is awaiting the next big fire  in the day room. You know kid, you have to be ready to fight a fire at anytime, so be well rested.

I feel your pain, because I've been that guy. But only for a short while. I started doing functional fitness WODS on duty and before you know it, some of the guys on my shift asked if they could join me. Not everyone does the same exact WOD, that's almost impossible, every exercise we do is scaleable. Always remember that. Should you ever have a question about scaling feel free to drop us a line and we can help you figure it out.

The cultural change we are attempting to make within our service will not change overnight, it won't change within a year, hell it may not change before I retire. However, someone has to start it, and why not let that someone be you. Set up your workout time , stick to it, and push through your WOD. Before you know it, someone will be joining you, someone will be asking you the how's and the why's of what you are doing.

Stay Safe




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Everything is Awesome.

I took my boys to see the Lego movie the other day, and we have been jamming to Everything is Awesome ever since. It's sort of a fitting song for the way this week has gone though. 

Now, of course everything isn't always Awesome, however for us here at 555 Fitness, it's pretty close. And thats all thanks to you guys, our fans, our followers, the 555 loyal, actually we haven't figured out what to call you folks yet. The suggestion box is always open though. We are serious as a heart attack about that. Please let us know how we are doing and what we could be doing to make our site better for you. 

Ok back to thanking you for making this week awesome. Our first t shirt is selling. It's not flying off the shelf like the "pet rock" did, but it's moving. And we can't thank those of you who have already purchased or are planning to purchase one enough. Each day that we get closer to being financially stable enough to open up the grant application period is just awesome. 

A few other things happened this week as well. We were contacted by some different, people, organizations, groups ,and companies about some partnerships and future endeavors. So there's much more in the works, some things we would have never even though about. I would also like to thank all of the companies that shared our page this week, that was really awesome. 

Lastly, if I didn't say it enough already, you guys are all AWESOME. The comments, the likes , the messages, everything you do each day makes Larry and I push harder to keep this ball rolling. Week 2 of sales starts tomorrow and the presale shirts will be shipping out soon. Then we want to see you guys and girls "doing work" in our T's. 

Train Hard 

      Do Work

          Stay Safe


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Greatness is Built

Greatness is Built was printed on a recently released Flag Nor Fail hoodie. I'm a big fan of what Rob and Dana Bailey are doing over there with their line of apparel. However, this week, they have earned all kinds of respect from me. We have been working hard over the past few months, making sure everything was just right for this launch, or at least we thought we were. 

"Greatness is Built" is more then just a quote to me now. Since Monday I feel like Larry and I have been going non stop. Answering questions, making connections, meeting our fans, getting excited everytime we see another sale and putting in the work you all deserve. That's what we do though, it's what we all do in the emergency services field. We put in the work, for the people we are tasked with protecting. You guys have all been so amazing, please know that each and every like, every new follower, every comment, every message and every purchase means so much to us. It means we aren't just two guys with an idea we think is good. 

"Greatness is Built" doesn't end today, it doesn't end tomorrow, it will never end for us. We both cannot wait to hand out our first grant. And to see the equipment in the hands of firefighters getting fit. So keep showing us your love by sharing our pics, our site and our message. Stay safe 

Train Hard Do Work 


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