Lynchburg Fire Department

555 Fitness,

As the fire training Captain for the Lynchburg Fire Department I have found
your workout suggestions and ideas to greatly enhance our morning workouts!
The academy does cardio with push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups on
Monday/Wed/Friday and a variation of crossfit on Tuesday/Thursdaymornings.
The recruits love the workouts and all have made drastic changes to their
physical abilities and appearance! We have one recruit who has lost over
30lbs to date and is on pace to lose over 50lbs during the academy! Please
continue to share your amazing workouts because they truly work and are a
great asset to the fire service as a whole!


Matt Millner
Fire Training Captain
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Clarksville, Indiana Fire Department, Local 2594

Last summer I was an out of shape, fat IAFF firefighter.  Had my 3rd shoulder surgery on November 22, 2013 and weighed 303lbs.  February 6, 2014, I am down to 236lbs, in shape and throwing weights.  Your page is intoxicating.  Thanks for getting "some" of us the motivation to get healthy.  IAFF strong!!!
Ckott Roark
Clarksville, Indiana Fire Department, Local 2594
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Gerard Mann Testimonial

"555 fitness has helped me keep on top of my fitness so I'm always ready to do work. A firefighter is only as effective as the time he can fight the fire for. My whole shift has taken to this site.

Gerard Mann FF3
Country Fire Authority
Ballarat, Australia
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Brian Amend Testimonial

555 Fitness has solidified my sense that keeping in firefighter shape is a necessity, a professional, familial and spiritual responsibility. I have found myself working out both more and better as a result of following the site. The site's memorialization of 09/11's 343 and other heroes of our profession also inspires me to connect my workouts with firefighting tradition. The site has helped me work out more and better, in other words, for all the right reasons.

Brian Amend
Roanoke City Fire-EMS
Roanoke, Virginia
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