SwoleMates: Love and Lifting

SwoleMates: Love and Lifting

We dedicate this Valentines Day to All of our 555 Fitness Couples whose love of fitness is just as strong as their love for each other.
May we introduce our #Swolemates Mr. and Mrs. Leach. They are inspirations to each other, and to us! Mr. Leach is a Fire Chief of Liberty Township in Ohio and his wife, Mrs. Leach is one of our 555 Fitness Advocates.
They both contacted us separately, not knowing the other one has done so, to share with us their personal story of health, wellness and fitness. Additionally, both had named each other as their main motivation to make a lifestyle change and become more physically fit. We applaud these two for being great examples of fitness in the fire service and with them continued success in their journey to get fit by training hard, and doing work.
We would like to share their stories to show you that you CAN make a change if you are stronger than your excuses! Remember, no matter how slow you go - you're still lapping everyone on the couch!
Fire Chief Kent Leach
His Story:
I would like to thank you for your on going support and workouts for fire service. The app is a great tool for this. I started my quest to get into better shape around Thanksgiving with another firefighter from my department. Last night we had a structure fire. I'm a commanding officer and I do not get to do work on scene much any more. Last night we was short staffed and I took full advantage of being able to do some work. The workouts that u have provided has built my stamina and strength up to a point of where I was at in my 20's. I just want to thank you for your on going support toward this. I have challenged my station to work hard and train hard.
Thank you
Chief Kent Leach
Liberty Township Fire and Rescue
Wife Jennifer Leach
Her Story:
2012 I stepped on the scale and freaked out. I was 10 lbs shy of my full pregnancy weight. I had an obese mom and a lot family overweight or obese it wasn't looking good for me. This day 4yrs ago I stopped believing the lies that Satan and society were throwing at me...You'll always be big, most people gain the weight back so what's the use in trying, it's in your genes, etc. The list is extensive. I'm not the same person I was 4 years ago.
Hard work:dedication is my motto/mantra. All it took. I used no special drinks/diets. I ate and continue to eat REAL food and worked by butt off....literally! It doesn't take loads of money either! I used home dvds and never stepped foot in a gym until I had lost 60lbs.
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An Amazing Experience

As I'm sure most of you have seen, my wife and I  were on the Medical Staff team at CrossFit East Regionals this past weekend in Hartford Connecticut. It was nothing short of an amazing experience.  I knew we would be in for a great weekend, but was in no way was prepared for what we encountered.

First off, this very large event, is run mostly by volunteers, over 300 of them. The coordination from the top kept everything moving. We were able to see all of the behind the scenes action and a system that worked almost perfectly in every way. The people involved in every area were just unreal. Everyone had a mission, everyone had a job, and they all wanted to get it done the right way, sort of sounds familiar , doesn't it. 

We were on medical staff with doctors,physician assistants , nurses, medics and emergency medical technicians from both the United States and Canada. Ego's were checked at the door, we all briefed in the morning and went about our duties throughout the day. We were all surprised to learn that we would be on the barbell decon crew as well, however seeing  the large amounts of "fluids" that were left on the bars, the job was just as important as our medical mission. Everyone on my team were just awesome to work with. 

Another great part of the weekend was being so close to all of the amazing athletes. These folks aren't millionaires , they are just like you and me. They just compete at a much higher level in the fitness world and truly leave it all out there on the floor.  Speaking of amazing athletes, one of 555 Fitness favorites was a competing. Britney Holmberg is a firefighter in Canada and qualified out of her region. This amazing woman left it all out there for sure, and had a good time doing it along the way. 

On top of all of this, I was again shocked at how many people recognized me. I suppose being super short, having a decent amount of tats, a sort of MoHawk looking hair cut and taking a lot of selfies helps me to stand out in a crowd. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped to introduce themselves and talk for a bit. You guys all know that you are the ones that keep us moving here at 555 Fitness. Without you, this would not be nearly as successful as it's been. 

If  you haven't checked out our new partners http://getpastparallel.com/collections/555-fitness you really should. They produce amazing shorts and a portion of the sales of 555 Fitness shorts returns to the charity. Plus, they are seriously amazing people to work with. 

Lastly, should you guys have any suggestions as to ways to make 555 Fitness better, or to further our mission, please feel free to email me at pip@555fitness.com  We would love to hear from you. 

Train Hard  Do Work   Stay Safe 


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Saturday, July 19, 2014 Level III WOD: (3 of 18 week Multi-functional training cycle)

Level III

#Warmup: 2rds, 20-jumping jacks, 15-air squats, 10-sit-ups, 5-push-ups, 200m jog or 250m row

Renegade #Rowing WOD: 2RFT, 1k row, 20-slam balls, 30-air squats


#Running WOD: 2 mile jog, easy pace

#Strength: 4 x 8 @ 60% of squat cleans

July #Challenge: 65-burpees

#Chipper: "Angie", 100-pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, air squats

#Honor WOD: "Kevin Donnelly", Engine 1, 20-squat cleans (135/95), row 2k, 20-clean and jerks (135/95)
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Wod Abbreviations

1 pood- approximately 35 pounds
1.5 pood- approximately 55 pounds
2 pood- approximately 70 pounds
AMRAP- As many rounds as possible
BJ- Box Jump
C2B- Chest to bar
DL- Deadlift
DU- Double unders
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