Wod Abbreviations

1 pood- approximately 35 pounds
1.5 pood- approximately 55 pounds
2 pood- approximately 70 pounds
AMRAP- As many rounds as possible
BJ- Box Jump
C2B- Chest to bar
DL- Deadlift
DU- Double unders
EMOM- Every minute on the minute
EMOM8- Every minute on the minute for 8 minutes
HRPU’s- Hand release push-ups
HSPU’s- Hand stand push-ups
KBS- Kettlebell Swings
K2E- Knees to Elbows
OHS- Overhead squat
PJ- Push Jerk
PP- Push press
Reps- Repetitions
Rds- Rounds
1RM- One rep maximum lift
RFT- Rounds for time
SDHP- Sumo deadlift high pull
T2B- Toes to Bar
WOD- Workout of the day

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