555 Fitness Shields

5-5-5 Firefighter Fitness, Inc.

$ 40.00

BA Shields is proud to be partnering with 555 Fittness, a non- profit aimed at helping to reduce the number of line of duty deaths. The logo is available in Scott AV3000, MSA G1 and MSA Ultra Elite



The goal at 5-5-5 Firefighter Fitness, Inc. is to help reduce line of duty deaths in the fire service. Historically, over 50% of firefighter fatalities can be attributed to cardiac related events. One simple way to lower this number is to have firefighter participate in some type of regular physical activity . Therefore, workouts are provided, for free, that are geared toward the rigors of the firefighting profession, but can be done by anyone.   When easy to follow information is provided, the likelihood that more firefighters will participate increases dramatically. 


Proceeds go to support the Strength is our Foundation Grant!


Allow 2 weeks for production


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